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    The Source reports on the infamous battle between Hiero and Hobo Junction that took place on the Wake Up Show in November of 1994.

    Audio of the battle here and a really dope two-part video of an impromptu interview with Saafir shot on the street outside Q-Bert’s house in San Francisco a month after the battle.

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  3. Another track that I dug up from the old Souled Out Underground Archives (aka my old Lacie hard drive).  Vocals for this track courtesy of the talented Construct Existence Crew, MC’s Dust9 and Cyph4, and DJ Maddhatter.  I have no idea when or why I recorded the vocals for this song, nevertheless I found the old session on my hard drive and decided to remix it. 

    The vocals were recorded poorly (my fault of course, I was still in the process of learning how to record proper vocals at the time) so I figured I’d play around with distortion/filters and echos to make the vocals sound more raw.  I used Izotope’s Trash to distort the vocals and mixed it in with the original recording.  Vocals were also filtered with Sonnox Oxford EQ (my go to EQ) and finally I added some echo and reverb using Soundtoys’ Echoboy.  I’ll post up a pic of the Logic session for this track sometime in the near future, I experimented with a lot of different busses and stuff to get the vocals to sound the way they do.

    The beat was inspired by 2 songs: Jay Dilla’s “Intro/Let’s Take It Back” from his underrated Ruff Draft album, and Kanye’s “Hell of a Life” from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  I wanted the beat to have the same sense of urgency and rawness of Hell of a Life but still have it sound like it came “straight from a cassette” like how Dilla said on his intro track.  A lot of Kanye’s recent tracks utilize a lot of distortion on vocals which is another reason why I wanted to try it for this remix.  I think it gives the song more edge to it.

    Stay tuned, I have a lot more old vocals that I recorded back in the day that will be remixed and will be seeing the light of day soon…

  4. I’ve been clearing out my old SCSI hard drives and zip drives, listening to old beats I made (and cringing while listening), and found these 3 beats that I made when I first started producing.

    The first beat is actually the 2nd beat I ever made on my MPC. The sample is from an old Miles Davis recording and the drums were sampled from a Pretty Purdie record I think.  If you listen closely you can hear a crazy amount of hiss during the entire beat; at the time I knew nothing about gain structure and how to set volume levels properly to get a clean recording/sample.  I don’t know if I have my timing right but I think I made this beat after listening to “Apple Juice Break" by Peanut Butter Wolf.  I bought it on a 45 from Amoeba and would listen to the 40 second break on the B-side repeatedly wondering where the sample was from.

    I’m not sure what sample I used for the 2nd beat, and the 3rd is when I was going through a Teddy Pendergrass phase-phase meaning that I found a gang of $1 Teddy Pendergrass records at a local mom/pop record shop

  5. Joe Dukes x Inkfat Collabo, old track dug up from the depths of one of my old hard drives.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Inkfat she is a really talented MC/DJ whom I met back in the day on Myspace when she was part of a local Bay Area hip-hop group called Group Therapy (I still bump the track “Pain on My Left Side" to this day).  Ink and I wanted to work on an album together back in the day but it never materialized due to a lot of the normal life occurrences that happen as the years go by (me having my 2nd kid, Ink starting her DJ career, etc).  Fortunately though we did get some tracks recorded (peep the Soundcloud) that are now seeing the light of day.

    This is one of the rare tracks I have worked on where I am pretty satisfied with the vocal recording/mix.  For those of your audio recording/analog gear geeks (like myself admittedly) the vocal chain I used to record the vocals for this track was as follows:

    Shure SM7b -> Aurora Audio GTQ2 Preamp -> Empirical Labs Distressor, 2:1 comp, Attack 3-4, Release 3-4

    Pretty much used the preamp to boost the gain for the SM7b (great mic, needs a lot of gain though so you need a good preamp where you can boost the gain without raising the noise floor), and the comp to just catch the peaks of the vocals.  I didn’t comp that much recording into my laptop (Macbook running Apple Logic). 

    Did the rest of the mixing on Apple Logic, nothing too fancy, just some delay/reverb on the vocal using Soundtoys Echoboy, some light compression on both the beat and vocals using URS Classic Console Strip Pro, and then light compression on the mixbuss using the really underrated Cytomic “The Glue” compressor.  That’s pretty much it.  If I weren’t so lazy I would have done some panning of the drums and added some reverb to the piano and Rhodes sample that is the main backbone of the beat.  If I ever work on the compilation album (comprised of all the dope MC’s I have met throughout the years that I have wanted to do ever since I started making beats) I would put a little more work into this track: add an intro, clean up the vocals a little bit more, etc.  Otherwise for a rough draft-song I am pretty happy with how it turned out.